Discover a hair extension experience like no other with Nova Strands' Natural Beaded Rows (NBR). Perfect for those seeking a seamlessly natural, long-lasting, and effortlessly manageable solution to amplify hair length and volume.

Unlike conventional extensions, NBR extensions redefine the game. Feather-light and non-intrusive, our NBR method eliminates the need for heat or adhesive during installation. Experience a new era of comfort with fewer points of contact on the scalp, ensuring minimal risk of discomfort or damage.

Revel in the liberty to style your hair without constraint. Nova Strands' NBR extensions liberate you from the typical challenges of tangling, shedding, and demanding maintenance routines. Our skilled stylists, masters of cutting-edge techniques, meticulously blend and match your extensions to your natural hair, crafting a flawless and undetectable fusion.

Choose NBR extensions at Nova Strands and immerse yourself in the epitome of natural, beautiful hair. Our commitment to authenticity and expertise ensures a unique NBR experience tailored to your individuality. Transform your hair journey with Nova Strands, where every strand is a testament to effortless elegance.

Natural Beaded Rows


NBR extensions do not use heat for application or removal, thus preserving the health of your natural hair.

Preserves Hair Health

Maintenance appointments are typically needed only every 6-8 weeks, which is less frequent than most other extension methods.

Easier Maintenance

The NBR method takes less time to apply compared to other methods, making it a more convenient choice for clients and stylists alike.

Fast Application

The unique beaded rows of the NBR method allow for the extensions to be less visible and more seamlessly integrated into your natural hair.

Less Visible

The NBR method involves blending multiple shades of hair extensions to match your natural hair color, making them virtually undetectable.

Custom Color Matching

NBR extensions are very versatile. They can be styled, curled, or straightened just like your natural hair.

Flexible Hair Styles

NBR extensions are known for their comfort. They are lightweight and put less strain on the scalp compared to traditional methods.

Comfortable to Wear

NBR does not use any adhesives, glues, or tapes that can damage hair or cause discomfort.

No Adhesives or Tape

The method allows for the addition of more hair per bead, providing more volume and length with fewer points of contact on the scalp.

More Volume and Length

NBR uses fewer beads and bonds, reducing the amount of damage to the natural hair compared to other methods.

Minimum Damage

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